Pilates and Yoga with Sam 

Over the last 25 years I have adapted and changed my diet and lifestyle gradually. I now feel I have a really good balance. I feel healthy, full of energy, am a healthy weight and have a good level of fitness.


• If you want to stay the weight you are = The calories you eat (consume) must be equal to calories you use up (expended)

• If you want to lose weight = The calories you consume must be less than the calories you expended

• If you want to put on weight = The calories you consume must be more that the calories you expended


I eat food as natural as possible

Low sugar

Low carbohydrate

Low salt

No additives or preservative

Fresh ingredients: mainly - fruit, veg, nuts, fish, seeds, oats, eggs, pulses, beans and lots of water.

Typical meals I eat:

Breakfast: porridge and fruit

Lunch: either, Homemade vegetable soup or 2 x rye bread with avocado or scrambled egg and smoked salmon. Generally accompanied by a couple of handfuls of mixed unsalted nuts and a couple of pieces of fruit.

Dinner: Either roasted vegetables and fish, homemade vegetable soup, Tuna and egg salad with green veg, Fresh pasta and tomatoes,

Supper: maybe some fruit and or yogurt

Drinks: limit tea and coffee to 2 a day, drink lots of water and herbal teas, alcohol restricted to weekends. Remember drinks can have a lot of calories in them.

Reason or science behind this diet

I studied nutrition at University and have kept abreast of modern research every since.

A diet varied in food sources is vital to ensure that we get all the nutritional elements our bodies need.

Sugars increase blood sugar levels only to have them dip again soon after consumption making you feel hungrier. Don’t eat sugars or products with them in.

Carbohydrates are needed for energy. I find that eating porridge for breakfast gives me enough, even though I exercise regularly. I occasionally eat carbohydrates with a meal such as pasta or rice but not often.

Salt and additives are just bad for your body and mess up the whole balance. Try to avoid if possible.

Fresh fruit and veg give you lots of nutrients, natural sugars and fibre. Unsalted nuts make a good snack.

These are the rules I live by:

• I am in charge of what goes in my body

• I will not starve myself and I will eat regularly. Although I try not to eat between meals.

• If I eat things that I consider to be not good for me I reflect on the process. Why did I eat that? Can I learn from it so that when I’m in that situation again I make a better choice? I revert back to healthy eating as soon as possible and I certainly don’t beat myself up for it.

• Don’t become obsessive about weight. Get healthy and focus on fitness levels.


• My body and mind need me to exercise regularly?

I look at my exercise on a weekly basis and perform sessions that work on:

• Cardiovascular fitness, 5 x a week. Exercise that raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for at least 20 minutes. Walking, running, cycling, rowing, etc

• Strength work, 2 – 3 times a week. Usually gym work where you work the whole body.

• Pilates and core work x 2 a week.

• Yoga and stretches x 2 a week.

I also keep myself active at home and hardly ever sit down. Relaxing in front of the T.V is not good for my health

If you are wanting to change your behaviour then I suggest you:

• Take it steady and make changes gradually.

• Look at your long term aims.

• Any changes you make will take at least 6 weeks to have an effect and longer to become habit.

• Be persistent and make the changes based on your health.

• Put the changes in your diary and don’t even think about them, just do them.

• Exercise with a friend to aid adherence and motivation.

• Be kind to yourself and learn to love yourself.

I find behaviour changes become permanent once I’ve noticed and appreciate the changes they have made to me.