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Injury Treatments with Sam in the Ribble Valley

Injury treatment and rehabilitation

Sam can help you recover from injury with a wide range of treatments. From initial assessment and diagnosis through to effective rehabilitation, Sam can help you achieve a quicker recovery and help you protect yourself for the future.

Sports Massage

Sports massage targets the treatment of your body's soft tissues. Effective therapy can control and reduce pain, improve flexibility and enable rapid recovery from injury. Regular treatment can give you a higher range of movement reducing tension and improving scar tissue.


Acupuncture has been practised for 3000 years. With expert use of fine dry needles the body's natural healing response can be triggered or restored. The benefits to you can be pain relief, anxiety reduction. Acupuncture is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal problems such as back, neck and knee issues. Additionally recognised as an effective treatment for chronic pain you may have in your shoulder, head or other areas. 

Exercise Therapy

Regular physical exercise reduces the risks of disease associated with premature mortality. Physical exercise improves mental as well as physical health. When recovering from injury specialist advice on active restoration will improve recovery to benefit clients in their day to day activities. Expert exercise therapy will reduce risk of injury and improve overall health, both physical and mental.

Why Sam?

With a background in Sports Science, Sam provides specialist support to help with injury assessment and rehabilitation using appropriate methods including Sports Massage, Acupuncture and Exercise Therapies. With early intervention Sam can help you achieve a quicker recovery.

Sam provides treatments and therapies at Oakhill Leisure, Whalley

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