Pilates and Yoga with Sam 

Oakhill Leisure, Wiswell Lane, Whalley, BB7 9AF

Pilates Classes:

Monday 11am and Tuesday 10 am.

Thursday 7pm.

To book 01254824333.

Yoga Class:

Friday 9.45am

To book 01254 824333.

Lancashire House, The Sidings, Whalley, BB7 9SE

Pilates Reformer Class:

Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings at various times.

To book 07907767026.

Stanley House Hotel Spa, Further Lane, Mellor, BB2 7NP

Pilates Reformer Classes:

Thursday and Friday 12 noon, 1pm, and 2 pm.

To book 01245 769229.

Coniston Hotel Spa, Coniston Cold, Skipton, BD23 4EA

Pilates Class:

Tuesday 4.30 pm.

To book 01756748080.

Yoga Class:

Tuesday 2.30 pm.

Thursday 7.45 am

To book 01756 748080.

Grindleton Pavilion, Sawley Road, Grindleton, BB7 4QS

Yoga Class:

Monday 6.30 pm.

To book 07907767026.

Prices start from £7.50 per class.