Pilates and Yoga with Sam 

Pilates with Sam in the Ribble Valley


For around 5000 years Yoga has been employed to improve the physical and mental strength of its followers. Yoga helps to improve physical flexibility, strength, balance and endurance whilst mentally nurturing mindful awareness of sensations, thoughts and emotions.

Hatha Yoga

Sam teaches Hatha Yoga which is designed to align and calm your body, mind and spirit. Students are taught various asanas (postures) which are embedded into a slow but intense practice also incorporating effective breathing and relaxation. Hatha Yoga derives from a set of instructions laid down in the 14th century and is said to lead to enlightenment. Hatha is suitable for new and experienced Yogis.

Yoga benefits

There are many benefits to incorporating Yoga into our exercise routines. The main physical ones are: increased flexibility, improved energy, improved cardio, circulatory and respiratory health, increased muscle and bone strength and tone, injury protection and improved athletic performance. With the added mental benefits such as: better relaxation, relieves stress and anxiety, improved sleeping patterns, better self-esteem and awareness. All in all Yoga can give you much greater inner and outer strength.

Experience mindful Yoga tuition in the Ribble Valley. Group Classes and individual tuition available for all levels of ability. Ribble Valley, Lancashire.


Sam teaches Yoga at:

Grindleton Village Pavilion

Oakhill Leisure, Whalley

Coniston Spa, Skipton

For details and information call Sam on 07907767026

Why Sam?

Sam has been practising Yoga for many years, participating in classes and personal sessions incorporating many different styles of Yoga including the latest trends in 'hot' Yoga.

Sam has a passion for tuition. With a background in teaching physical education, sport, exercise and Pilates, Sam is a highly respected instructor and coach.

Sam is a YMCA level 3 qualified Yoga instructor.

Sam aims to ensure that the Yoga she teaches is suitable and safe for all participants.

Sam is inspired by freedom of movement whilst exploring and challenging the limitations of mind and body.